Ford B-MAX Launch

Working in partnership with The Telegraph we were tasked with designing and building an event-based site for Ford to promote the new B-MAX. Users were encouraged to apply for free tickets to a variety of sporting and cultural events across the country. Lucky ballot winners received exclusive access to concerts, galleries and historic buildings. Traffic was driven from a co-ordinated press […]

Space Flight Campaign

Airmiles launched to competition to win a trip into space which required a co-ordinated print and digital campaign to be run out across the Netherlands. The challenge for Kandi on this project was working with a Dutch advertising agency with no prior digital experience. Our task was to take Airmiles’ latest marketing material and turn it into a […]


Considering five different brand guidelines, we designed five newsletter templates to be sent as emails to an existing customer database. Working through Emailvision for the client Steerwell we built a range of life cycle newsletter templates for several leading brands, which included Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger, TW Steel, Raymond Weil and Hugo Boss. Each brand ranged […]


Kandi were approached to design and build a working prototype for a new fashion discount site named Shoeaholics. The design would have to utilise an existing e-commerce platform and deliver content in an editorial style synonymous with fashion magazines to a target female audience in the age range 16-30. As we were working around an […]

Littleover Apiary

We were approached by The Telegraph Media Group to produce an advertising campaign for Littleover Apiary. This luxury honey brand had never before advertised in the media  and was seeking something fresh that would appeal to their new supermarket-based audience. The design had to be adaptable to various different formats while maintaining its strong brand […]